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Pamela van der WaL

stemacteren / voice-over

vanaf 0:22 hoor je wat ik je te vertellen heb


The laborious making of a voice demo...

Pamela_van der Wal_2016_1

The day starts with a fresh idea to finally produce a new voice demo. As a professional voice-over it will be my business-card-and-sales-pitch-in-one of roughly a minute. So, in my little studio I sit and listen to the voice recordings from the past couple of months. Collecting bits and pieces of several takes in order to create a fine mix of styles that will appeal to most listeners. Before I know it, the clock has moved its dials at least three full circles....And I'm only just beginning!

The problem is choosing. There is just too much material. By four PM I've managed to select the clips that I wil use. Now comes part number two. Equally hard so it seems. To determine the order of audio fragments on a voice demo it is an unofficial rule you follow SUPER-best-good. I'm starting to feel slightly uncomfortable now since placing any clip second or thereafter doesn't do any justice to the quality of my creative audio outbursts. It feels as if I'm robbing number 2 , 3, 4 and the rest of a Golden Olympic Medal since they are equally good! Ridiculously indecisive of course. I'm following the advice my audioengineering teacher once gave me while I was mixing a 23 track song : Take a break, go run a mile, talk to your cat, cook dinner, or have a nap....anything but don't listen to your work, give it a rest! You become tone-deaf and will not be able to truly "hear" any longer. Not an easy thing to do as I'm now well into a full days work on my demo and also...I'm not into jogging, my cat died 7 years ago, it's not my turn to cook today and I'm certainly NOT sleepy.

Oh well, I'll install my new pop-filter, unload the dishwasher (yes it's my turn for that today) and do a therapeutic 10 minutes of VOX-LAX in the meantime. Happily blowing bubbles into my little bottle I finally figure out the next course of action.

It's all there, voice clips, music and SFX in the right order! On to the last part: smoothing one into another, turning knobs en dials, looking at levels for possible distortion or clipping, setting automation. A little EQ-ing, a fade-out where applicable et voilà....demo done! .....or maybe not yet. Hubby-dear gets the scoop. "Nice"! OK, maybe it's not the constructive criticism I had hoped for, but then again, he doesn't know the first thing about audio. So onwards to the next pair of critical ears, and this one definitely knows what he's talking about. As a producer and audio engineer of some years he smiles and says: "yeah...not bad at all, I might have done it a little different, but this will definitely do". He's referring to my skills as an audio editor of course, not my VO talents....I hope?!!!! It keeps coming back at me. No's haunting me. I'm about to start all over with my minute of infamous glory when a bunch of audiophile friends drop in. I invite them to listen as well and tell me what they think. They're unanimously positive and advise me to leave it as it is now. Work takes up most of my time in the next few days and when I listen to it again I conclude that the next demo will probably be even better since there's always room for improvement, but that I'm happy with it for now. It covers most of my voice styles and besides, all of it has already been broadcast or used elsewhere with the seal of approval from my clients. However....having said that; for my next demo I will definitely consider involving a professional demo producer. At the TOP of my list will be finding a good one and that's the next hurdle to take. I'll leave that story for later. Enjoy the demo...      

INVENTUM heeft voor 2016/2017 een radiocampagne ontwikkeld waarbij in het reclameblok op 100% NL op ieder even uur een commercial te horen is over een van de INVENTUM witgoed producten. Zo is er 'ochtends om 8 uur het "ontbijt-momentje" waarin ik je vertel dat het heerlijk ruikt met brood uit de broodbakmachine van Inventum. Om 10 uur is het tijd voor een "opstartmomentje" met een echte cappuccino dankzij de Inventum melkopschuimer. Zo komen er nog veel meer producten langs tijdens de dag om te besluiten met een "Snackmomentje", mogelijk gemaakt met de vetarme hete lucht friteuse van....INVENTUM!

Start-up is growing and expanding to The Netherlands. I was asked to voice the national 2016 TV commercial plus tag-on which will run on and off this coming year on a number of tv channels.

mymuesli is wereldwijd de eerste startup waarbij jij jouw eigen bio-muesli kan samenstellen uit meer dan 80 verschillende ingrediënten. Of je nou van Bircher Muesli houdt, een choco-fan bent of wil afvallen - met 566 biljard variatiemogelijkheden is er voor ieder wat wils. Wij gebruiken geen kunstmatige toevoegingen, werken met de allerbeste bio-ingrediënten en mixen onze muesli met veel liefde in onze muesli-fabriek